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Schedules are available on buses. Schedules are also downloadable by clicking the link below.

EPTA launched the new routes and schedules on April 16 2018.  Hours of Operation and Dispatch Hours are Monday – Friday 5:00 a.m. – 8:45 p.m.  Saturday Hours Operation and Dispatch Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Routes 35 and 40 Only. No Sunday Service.

If you have questions and want additional information about our schedules, feel free to call us at 304-263-0876.

For an overview of our system click here to view the EPTA System map.  For a detailed schedule to each individual line click on the links below.

View Route 10 schedule

Printable Updated Route 10 Schedule 9/1/18: Travels south in the City of Martinsburg. Caperton Transportation Station, Martinsburg Berkeley County Library, Senior Towers, Good Samaritan Free Clinic, Gabes, Lowes, Walmart, Workforce, Berkeley County Health Department, Berkeley Medical Center, Kings Pizza and Shenandoah Community Health.

Recreation: Oatesdale Park and War Memorial Park.

Transfer points: Caperton Transportation Station, Gabes and Walmart.

View Route 11 schedule

Printable Updated Route 11 Schedule 9/1/18Martinsburg/VA Medical Center: Travels between the City of Martinsburg and the VA Medical Center. Points of interest: Caperton Transportation Center, Berkeley County Day Report Center, Fountainhead Apartments, Gabes and VA Medical Center.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station, Gabes and VA Medical Center.

View Route 12 schedule

Printable Updated Route 12 Schedule 9/1/18Travels north end of Berkeley County and the City of Martinsburg.  Stopping at points of interest: 7-11(Queen St), Big Lots, Save A Lot, Joshua Drive, 7-11 (Berkeley Station Rd), DHHR, Polo Green, Timber Leaf, Walgreens, Shop N Save, Mountain Heart Community Services, Social Security Administration, Aikens Center and Telamon.

Recreation: Golds Gym, Planet Fitness, and Berkeley Theatres 7.

Education: Shepherd University Martinsburg Center and Valley College.

Transfer Point: Caperton Transportation Station

View Route 14 schedule

Printable Updated 14 Schedule 9/1/18Travels the City of Martinsburg.  Downtown Martinsburg, 7-11(Winchester Ave.), Ambrose Towers, Walmart, the Crossings at Martinsburg, Blue Ridge Community Technical College, the Commons (Target).

Recreation: Ambrose Park.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station, Walmart and Gabes.

View Route 16 schedule

Printable Updated 16 Schedule 9/1/18Travels east end of Berkeley County, Ranson and west end of Charles Town. Hack Wilson Way, VA Medical Center, Quad Graphics- Baker Rd, Lee Town Rd, Fox Glen, Ranson DMV, Ledo Pizza/Weis (Potomac Town Center, Ranson), Jefferson Medical Center, Charles Washington Hall, Apple Tree Apartments, 7-Eleven (Ranson), Ranson City Hall, Jefferson Day Report Center, Jefferson County Adult Learning Center and Charles Town Court House.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station, Ledo Pizza/Weis, VA Medical Center and Save A Lot.

View Route 18 schedule

Printable Updated 18 Schedule 9/1/18 Travels South from Development Drive towards Inwood.  Development Drive, Blue Ridge Technical Center, City National Bank, WV Urgent Care, Food Lion, JayDee’s Fun Center, South Berkeley Library, Dollar General, and Kings Pizza.

Transfer Point: Gabes

Recreation: JayDee’s Fun Center and W. Randy Smith Recreation Center.

View Route 19 schedule

Updated 19 Schedule 9/1/18: Departure and transfers from the Caperton Transportation Station and will travel to Macy’s, Quad Graphics and FedEx. Stopping at points of interest: Big Lots, Joshua Drive, DHHR.

Education: James Rumsey Technical Institute

View Route 20 schedule

Updated 20 Schedule 9/1/18: Travels primarily Jefferson County.  Charles Town Court House, Charles Town City Hall, Save-A-Lot, Charles Towers, Walgreens, DHHR, Food Lion, Martins and Charles Town Walmart.  The Towns of Bolivar and Harpers Ferry are also served by Route 20.

Recreation: Charles Washington Hall, Happy Retreat, Harpers Ferry National Park, Bolivar Heights Battlefield, Appalachian Trail, C & O Canal Towpath, Jefferson County Visitor Center and Golds Gym.

Transfer Points: Ledo Pizza/Weis and Save-A-Lot.

View Route 25  evening schedule

View Route 30 evening schedule

Updated 25/30 Schedule 9/1/18

Route 25: Martinsburg- Berkeley County Library, Walmart, Good Samaritan Free Clinic Gabes, Hack Wilson Way, VA Medical Center, Quad Graphics-Baker Rd, Caperton Transportation Station,Walmart, Berkeley Medical Center, Shenandoah Community Health and downtown Martinsburg.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station.

Route 30: Stopping at points of interest: 7-11 (Queen Street), Big Lots, Save-A-Lot, Joshua Drive, DHHR, Quad Graphics, Macy’s, FedEx, Shepherd University Martinsburg, Gabes, Blue Ridge Community Technical College, The Commons, Ambrose Towers and Walmart.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station.

View Route 35 Saturday and Holiday schedule

View Route 40 Saturday and Holiday schedule

Printable Updated 35/40 Schedule 9/1/18

Route 35 – VA/Berkeley Medical Center: Saturday, Holiday and Snow Route. Caperton Transportation Station, Martinsburg-Berkeley County Library, Hack Wilson Way, VA Medical Center, Senior Towers, Ambrose Towers, Walmart, Berkeley Medical Center, and Shenandoah Community Health.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station and Wal-Mart.

Route 40 – Commons: Saturday, Holiday and Snow Route: Caperton Train Station, Big Lots, Joshua Drive, Mid Atlantic Pkwy Shop-N-Save, Aikens Center, Gabes, The Commons (Target) and Walmart.

Transfer Points: Caperton Transportation Station and Walmart.

Shepherd University Circulator – Buses depart from the Caperton Transportation Station Monday Thru Friday during the fall and spring semesters.  EPTA follows Shepherd University’s fall and spring semester schedule to operate services on campus from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm.  Buses depart for Shepherd University from Caperton Transportation Station at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm to Shepherd University. Bus depart from Shepherd University to Caperton Transportation Station at 3:30 pm and 9:30 pm Monday – Thursday. Campus Circulator ends at 6:00 pm on Fridays and will depart for Caperton Transportation Station arriving at 6:30 pm.

You can find a printable copy of the Spring 2021 Shepherd schedule here.

Mobile – Ram Force One Schedule

Mobile – Ram Express Schedule

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