4w7b6186 (2)EPTA offers a number of passes and fare cards to suit your needs.

You can now buy and use bus passes from your mobile phone! Token transit is a mobile ticketing platform for transit agencies across the US.  Download the Token Transit  app for iOS and Android phones. Simply text “Token” to 41411 to download your link to mobile ticketing.  The first purchase will be 50% off!


  1. Monthly Pass- $60 – If you are a frequent rider, consider buying one of our monthly fare cards. Each month, you will receive a laminated fare card that will allow you unlimited rides on our buses. If you are a regular daily rider, you could stand to save $20 per month buying a fare card over paying for each trip. Individuals who possess a Half-Fare card are eligible to purchase our Monthly Pass at a discount of 50% off the regular rate. Passes are good for one calendar month. Click here for a Half-Fare application, and here for the Half-Fare physician statement.
  2. Ten-Dollar Fare Cards- $10 – These salmon-colored punch cards allow you ten dollars worth of rides — about 5 trips if you’re travelling in town.
  3. $1-$2.50 Tickets – If you don’t know how much travelling you need to do but still want to purchase pickets in advance, you can purchase tickets in the amount of $1 or $2.50. Keep in mind, though, that these tickets work like cash, and no part of the ticket is refundable for cash or credit.
  4. Click Here to purchase with credit/debit cards

If you want to purchase passes, tickets, or fare cards, contact EPTA at 304.263.0876


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