4w7b6186 (2)EPTA offers a number of passes and fare cards to suit your needs.

  1. Monthly Pass- $60 – If you are a frequent rider, consider buying one of our monthly fare cards. Each month, you will receive a laminated fare card that will allow you unlimited rides on our buses. If you are a regular daily rider, you could stand to save $20 per month buying a fare card over paying for each trip. Individuals who possess a Half-Fare card are eligible to purchase our Monthly Pass at a discount of 50% off the regular rate. Passes are good for one calendar month. Click here for a Half-Fare application, and here for the Half-Fare physician statement.
  2. Ten-Dollar Fare Cards- $10 – These salmon-colored punch cards allow you ten dollars worth of rides — about 5 trips if you’re travelling in town.
  3. $1-$2.50 Tickets – If you don’t know how much travelling you need to do but still want to purchase pickets in advance, you can purchase tickets in the amount of $1 or $2.50. Keep in mind, though, that these tickets work like cash, and no part of the ticket is refundable for cash or credit.
  4. Green Line 7 Day passes for $35.00.
  5. Click Here to purchase with credit/debit cards

If you want to purchase passes, tickets, or fare cards, contact EPTA at 304.263.0876