$5 One Day Pass Program

EPTA riders will obtain this pass only one way, from an EPTA bus driver. Passengers will pay $5 into the fair box, or they will present a prepaid voucher designated for a $5 One Day Pass. You will only be allowed to purchase the $5 One Day Pass with this voucher.

  • Pass expires at the close of business on the day purchased.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with Half-Fare cards.
  • No Off Routes or Demand Response services will be covered under the $5 One Day Pass.
  • Pass is non-transferable to other riders.
  • To purchase one or more $5 One Day Pass vouchers please call our offices at 304-263-0876.

Any question regarding the $5 One Day Pass can be directed to our offices at 304-263-0876.

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